How To Brew Coffee For Your Outdoor Adventure

How To Brew Coffee For Your Outdoor Adventure

Are you a dedicated coffee lover who can't bear to leave behind your cup of joe during your travel adventures? Good news! Huxley is here to help you enjoy your favorite brews no matter where you are. Join us as we explore various methods of brewing coffee on the go, choosing the perfect roast, and the gear required for this caffeinated endeavor.

Choosing the Perfect Roast

The cornerstone of every great cup of coffee is the roast. Huxley offers a spectrum of roasts from light to dark, each with its distinct flavor profile. Light roasts have a subtle, fruity, and tea-like flavor, best for pour-over and Aeropress methods. Medium roasts are balanced, showcasing both the coffee's origin and the roasting process - perfect for French Press and Percolator. Dark roasts are robust with smoky, chocolatey notes, a beautiful fit for cowboy coffee or espresso. Let your brewing method and personal preference guide your roast selection.

Brewing Techniques


This nifty, lightweight tool makes excellent espresso-like coffee in minutes. Add ground coffee, fill it with hot water, stir, let it steep, and finally press down. This total immersion brewing method results in a smooth, rich cup without any bitterness. Learn more about brewing coffee with an Aeropress here. 

French Press

French press is ideal for those who appreciate the full-bodied richness of coffee. Pour hot water over the coarsely ground coffee, let it steep, then push down the plunger slowly to separate the grounds. Bonus point: it doubles as a tea brewer! Learn more about how to brew coffee with a French Press here


If you love the delicate flavors of coffee, the pour-over method is for you. Simply place a paper filter into the cone-shaped dripper, add medium-fine coffee, and pour hot water over it in a circular motion. It's a bit more meticulous but worth the effort. Find our step-by-step guide to crafting the perfect pour over here

Moka Pot 

Looking for a rich cup of coffee to start your our outdoor adventure? Using a Moka Pot might be the perfect way for you to brew. Learn more about how to use a Moka Pot here

Cowboy Coffee

The most rugged of all brewing techniques, cowboy coffee, is boiled coffee at its simplest. Add coffee grounds to water, boil it, then let the grounds settle before you pour. It may sound primitive, but when done right, it provides a robust, full-flavored brew. Learn more about cowboy coffee here

Essential Coffee Gear for Traveling

Apart from your brewing tool of choice, consider packing the following essentials:

Coffee Grinder

A portable manual coffee grinder ensures freshly ground beans for optimal flavor. Huxley offers durable, compact grinders for all your coffee adventures.

Thermal Flask

A good thermal flask is crucial for keeping your water hot while you set up your brewing station and for keeping your coffee warm after it's brewed.

Filtered Water

Coffee is 98% water. Using filtered water can make a noticeable difference in the taste of your coffee.

Scale or Measuring Scoop

Consistency is key to a good brew. Knowing exactly how much coffee you’re using can help you get that perfect cup every time.

Portable Stove

This is especially important for cowboy coffee and percolator methods that require a heat source. Compact camping stoves are readily available and quite efficient.

Cleaning Equipment

A brush and some biodegradable soap are enough to keep your coffee equipment clean on the go.

With a little knowledge, the right gear, and Huxley coffee by your side, you can enjoy delicious coffee wherever you go. Remember, coffee brewing is as much an art as it is a science, so experiment until you find your perfect brew. Embrace the journey, one cup at a time!