How To Make Cold Brew with the Backpacker Blend

How To Make Cold Brew with the Backpacker Blend

Cold brew coffee has garnered a dedicated following over the years, and with good reason. Its smooth, rich flavor and less acidic profile make it an appealing choice for many. But brewing the perfect cold brew often requires time, patience, and the right blend of coffee. Enter the Backpacker Blend — a coffee specially designed for adventure, but equally adept at delivering a sumptuous cold brew experience, both at home and on the trail.

Backpacker Blend, as the name suggests, is tailored for those who are on the move. But its versatile characteristics also make it a prime choice for cold brew. With notes of chocolate, toasted nuts, and a hint of berries, the blend promises a cold brew that's not just refreshing but also rich and multifaceted in flavor.

Cold Brew at Home with the Backpacker Blend

Making cold brew at home can't get any easier with the Backpacker Blend:

  1. Portion Control: Thanks to the single serve brew bag design, you don't need to measure out the coffee. One bag is perfectly portioned for a single serving of cold brew.

  2. Brewing Process:

    • Take a jar or pitcher.
    • Fill it with cold, filtered water.
    • Place the Backpacker Blend brew bag in the water, ensuring it’s fully submerged.
    • Cover and let it steep in the refrigerator for about 12-24 hours, depending on how robust you like your brew.
    • Remove the brew bag, and voila! Your cold brew is ready to be enjoyed.

Adventurous Cold Brew On The Trail

Even when you’re out hiking or camping, your cold brew cravings needn't be ignored:

  1. Light and Compact: The Backpacker Blend's lightweight packaging means it won’t weigh you down on your journeys.

  2. Natural Chill: In a cooler environment, simply leave your bottle or container with the brew bag outside overnight (away from wildlife) to let nature do the cooling. By morning, you’ll have a revitalizing cold brew to kick start your day.

  3. No Mess: Once you're done brewing, the brew bag can be packed out easily, ensuring you abide by the Leave No Trace principles.

With the Backpacker Blend, cold brew enthusiasts now have a trusted companion that caters to both their adventurous spirit and their coffee cravings. The ease of use, coupled with the blend’s intricate flavor profile, ensures that every sip, whether at home or atop a mountain, is an exploration in itself. Embrace the adventure and let the Backpacker Blend transform your cold brew experience!