The Best Gift For Camping Enthusiast 2023

The Best Gift For Camping Enthusiast 2023

The crackling of a campfire, the melodies of nocturnal creatures, and the serenity of sleeping under a canopy of stars - these are the moments camping enthusiasts live for. And as the festive season approaches, we're taking you on a journey to find that perfect present for the wilderness wanderers in your life. Leading the trail is our star-packed "Happy Camper Gift Set," for those who believe that the best nights are not spent in a bed but tucked inside a tent.

Ready to discover what makes this set the ultimate companion for every outdoor lover? Let's breakdown the Happy Camper. 

what's inside

best selling daybreak blend

Our signature medium roast coffee is the perfect pick-me-up. Imagine melted milk chocolate, bing cherry and a hint of orange zest in your cup! This perfectly balanced blend uses coffees sourced from Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. Take a sip and get ready to tackle your day with energy and flavor.

custom miir camp cup

Channeling the timeless charm of campfire mugs, the MiiR Camp Cup boasts beauty, durability, and functionality. Paired with the Press-fit Slide Lid, it offers enhanced insulation and splash-proof convenience. We chose MiiR because they prioritize supporting people and stewarding the planet.

custom miir pourigami 

Finally, you can enjoy good coffee anywhere! Embrace the trifecta of the award winning MiiR Pourigami™ – the world’s smallest, most durable and portable travel coffee dripper. Fitting in your back pocket when not in use, three stainless steel panels orient and interlock for easy assembly, with machined grooves to ensure perfect placement for a secure pour over coffee.


This gift set isn't just a collection of items; it's a promise of countless cherished mornings amidst the great outdoors. For those who find solace in the embrace of nature and relish the rituals of the campsite, the Happy Camper Gift Set is more than a gift – it's an experience. So, to those looking for the perfect present this festive season, know this: nothing says 'I understand and appreciate your passion' quite like the Happy Camper.