Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

At Huxley, we're not just passionate about delivering you the finest cup of coffee but also about ensuring your outdoor adventures are as smooth and enjoyable as your morning brew. Ever wondered why after savoring our aromatic blends, you soon feel nature’s call? Or how you can tactfully heed this call in the wilderness? Let’s dive in!

Why does coffee make you "go"?

While coffee provides the much-needed wake-up jolt, it can also stimulate a jolt to your bowels. 

Here's why:

Stomach Acid Production

Coffee promotes the release of gastrin, a hormone responsible for increased stomach acid production. This accelerates intestinal activity, prompting a quicker-than-normal visit to the restroom.

Natural Laxatives

Some compounds in coffee, especially in large amounts, can act as mild laxatives, boosting the urge to defecate.

Caffeine Boost

Caffeine can increase motility in the colon, making things move more rapidly than usual.

So yes, while you’re sipping that delightful cup by the campfire, be ready for nature to call in more ways than one!

Answering The Call in the Great Outdoors

Now, knowing coffee can give you the urge, it's crucial to know how to go about it responsibly when you’re out in nature. Here's our guide for a responsible #2:

Be Prepared

Always carry a small trowel or a portable shovel. This is your tool to dig a 'cat hole' about 6-8 inches deep and 4-6 inches in diameter.

Choose The Right Spot

Stay at least 200 feet away from water sources, trails, or campsites. This ensures that you protect water quality and respect other adventurers.

Mind The Technique

Once you’ve dug your hole, squat over it. After you’re done, cover and camouflage your cat hole with natural materials.

Pack It Out

In some high-altitude, desert, or delicate environments, even burying might not be sustainable. In such cases, use portable toilet kits available at outdoor stores to pack out your waste.

Hand Hygiene

Always, and we mean always, sanitize your hands after. Carry biodegradable soap or hand sanitizers.

Respect Wildlife

Remember, scented items can attract wildlife. Store toiletries just as you would store your food – away from animals.

We believe in taking nothing but photographs, leaving nothing but footprints (and responsibly-managed cat holes!), and killing nothing but time (and maybe that cup of joe!). Adventure might be unpredictable, but with preparation and knowledge, you can enjoy your coffee and still be a steward of our beautiful outdoors.