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what's included in this giveaway:

the main event

epic ski day pass

Gain access to one of Epic's 38 resorts with this day pass.


coffee sampler pack

Take your tastebuds on a wild adventure and explore our light, medium, and dark coffee blends. All coffees are precision roasted fresh each week in our roastery.

single serve coffee brew bags

backpacker blend

The days of lackluster instant coffee are over! Our Backpacker Blend is the perfect on-the-go single serve uses a rich and comforting blend of coffee, utilizing the same high-quality beans as our other blends. It’s packaged in an easy to use brew bag.

keep warm

huxley beanie

Stay warm on your next winter adventure with this custom Huxley beanie.

shop huxley coffee

get to know huxley

What happens when a creative ski bum, marketing guru, and food and beverage expert collaborate? Well for starters, meetings full of tangents and puppy photos. But besides that, you get Huxley. 

Once upon a time, we were part of the 9 to 5 hustle with idyllic jobs at a small marketing agency. We were building dreams alright, but they weren't ours. That's why in 2023, we took the leap.

Bootstrapped and caffeinated, we traded the corporate grind for a coffee grinder instead. Huxley is our adventure—our liberation—and it can be yours too.

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