Be A Trailblazer

Join a community of adventurers who love a great cup of coffee. When you become a trailblazer you will get special perks, earn cash back, and exclusive access to member only coffees.ย 

signing up is simple

  • Buy a $25 membership

    Pay just once for a membership that never expires. No extra membership feesโ€”ever.

  • Choose a FREE coffee to enjoy

    You'll get welcome box with exclusive goodies and a free bag of coffee!

  • Enjoy the member perks

    Order whenever you wish and earn 5% cash back to use on future orders & more.

If you cannot get enough Huxley, then opt-in for recurring shipments. Set a frequency of your choice and DOUBLE your cash back to 10% back on every order. Customize each shipment and get the freedom to skip anytime. Sign up after you purchase your membership.

Redeem your cash back (Hux Bucks) for free coffee, merch, swag, and in-person adventures.


How does membership work?

Itโ€™s really simple- buy a $25 membership and it will last a lifetime. No other fees or annual dues.

You will then automatically be enrolled to receive 5% cash back on every order.

If you want to earn double cash back and get 10% on every order, sign up for recurring shipments? More on that below.

As a member, you will get access to exclusive product drops, swag, and more.

What do I get for my $25 lifetime membership?

When you become a Trailblazer, you join our community of adventurers.
When you are signing up you will get to pick out a FREE bag of coffee as a thank you and get a welcome box with fun goodies for your next adventure.

Only members will have access to our limited edition roasts throughout the year. Non-members will only have access to our core lineup of roasts.

Best of all, you will receive 5% cash back (Hux Bucks) on every order. You can redeem it for free coffee, swag, merch, and more.

Can I choose my free coffee in my welcome box?

Yes! During the sign up process, you will be able to choose which of our core blends youโ€™d like. You will receive a full 12 oz bag!

How often do I have to order?

You can order whenever you want with zero expectations. We get it, everyone adventures at a different pace. We hope when you are fueling up, youโ€™ll come to Huxley for all your coffee needs.

Recurring shipments are optional! If you sign up for them, you will get DOUBLE cash back on every order.

How can I set up recurring shipments?

Yes! Once you purchase your membership, we will email you with a link to sign up for recurring shipments and earn double cash back at 10%. If you missed the link, email us at

Can I cancel anytime or get a refund?

There is nothing to cancel! Your membership lasts a lifetime and there are no minimum orders or forced recurring shipments. You have 100% flexibility. Membership fees are not refundable.