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Descent Decaf

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Medium Roast
Unwind with Descent Decaf, your perfect escape into a world of serene, caffeine-free indulgence. Our specialty Colombian Huila beans are decaffeinated through a gentle, natural process, ensuring each cup is filled with the lush flavors of blueberry, pie crust, and a bright lemon peel finish. Grown in the diverse elevations of Huila and skillfully processed, this decaf offers a mouthwatering experience that doesn’t compromise on taste. Savor the tranquility in every sip, whether you’re starting your morning or easing into the evening. Dive into a cup of Descent Decaf and let the calm, comforting flavors guide you to your next adventure.Β πŸ§—
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Descent Decaf
FREE Shipping on $35

tastes like...

blueberry β€” pie crust β€” lemon peel

Embark on a serene journey with Descent Decaf, a coffee that captures the essence of a peaceful descent from the day's peak. Each cup is a harmonious blend of rich blueberry, homely pie crust, and a bright twist of lemon peel, reflecting the calm yet invigorating spirit of a morning walk in the woods.

This decaffeinated blend is your companion for moments of reflection and relaxation, anytime you seek a pause. As the vibrant notes of blueberry mingle with the comforting aroma of pie crust and the zestful lemon peel, let each sip transport you to a tranquil state of mind. Descent Decaf is more than a coffee; it's a celebration of life's quieter moments, a delicious pause in your day that's perfect for morning or whenever you need a gentle lift.

coffee origin

colombia huila

Nestled between the Central and Eastern ranges of the Andes, Colombia's Huila region is a treasure trove of coffee, celebrated for its unique and complex beans. This area's diverse elevation and fertile Magdalena Valley foster a remarkable terroir and microclimate, contributing to the rich profiles and high-quality coffee that Huila is renowned for. The dedication of small-scale producers, who meticulously cultivate their land, ensures each bean's journey from mountain to mug is steeped in tradition and care. Our Descent Decaf undergoes a gentle decaffeination process using Ethyl Acetate, a naturally occurring compound in fruits like bananas, ensuring the coffee's intrinsic flavors and integrity are preserved while offering a serene, caffeine-free experience.

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brew methods

drip β€” pour over β€” french press

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