Reach Your Peak Naturally

When you need a spark of energy to conquer your day, choose Huxley for a refreshingly balanced boost.

Many energy drinks use bitter synthetic caffeine, requiring loads of sugar and artificial flavors to mask the taste. No, thanks! Huxley uses plant-based caffeine from Cascara Superfruit—the upcycled husk of the coffee bean. It has a light fruity flavor and is packed with antioxidants.

Blended with real fruit juice and only five grams of organic cane sugar, Huxley offers delicious flavor without artificial ingredients. Plus, it includes electrolytes for hydration and L-theanine to enhance focus and reduce caffeine crash.

Fuel your adventure with Huxley, a sustainable drink that empowers you to reach your peak naturally.

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Huxley is fueled by the great outdoors, crafting drinks to inspire adventure and promote environmental stewardship.


    Plant Based Energy

    We’re harnessing the power of a forgotten Superfruit, for an all natural boost of energy.

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    Doing Our Part

    Sustainability isn’t a buzzword, it’s at our core. We donate 1% of sales to nature conservation.

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    Our Crazy Idea

    We’re two friends on a mission to disrupt the energy drink industry for the better.

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