What makes Huxley different from other energy drinks?

Unlike conventional energy drinks loaded with artificial ingredients, excessive sugar, and caffeine, Huxley stands out with its all-natural formulation. We use upcycled Cascara Superfruit, real fruit juice for flavor, and a modest amount of caffeine (90mg) similar to a cup of coffee, making it a healthier, more sustainable choice.

How much caffeine is in Huxley?

Each can of Huxley contains 90 milligrams of natural caffeine, which is about the same as a standard cup of coffee. This moderate amount offers a balanced energy boost without the overstimulation and crash associated with higher-caffeine drinks. The caffeine comes from the Cascara Superfruit and is 100% plant-based.

What is Cascara Superfruit?

Cascara Superfruit is the dried husk of coffee fruit. Once considered a byproduct of coffee production, Cascara Superfruit is now celebrated for its unique flavor and health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and a natural source of caffeine, Cascara Superfruit offers a light, fruity taste with a hint of sweetness. Huxley harnesses this upcycled ingredient, turning what was once waste into a sustainable, energizing foundation for our drinks, aligning with our mission to innovate within the beverage industry while reducing environmental impact.

What electrolytes are in Huxley?

Caffeine can naturally dehydrate your body, so we added 100 mg of electrolytes in the form of Monopotassium Phosphate and Trimagnesium Citrate to Huxley to maintain hydration levels. This makes it a great beverage to support your active lifestyle, ensuring you stay hydrated and energized.

What is L-theanine and how much is in Huxley?

L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves known for its calming effects on the brain, promoting relaxation without drowsiness. It also helps smooth out the energy boost from caffeine, preventing the jitters and crash often associated with energy drinks. Each can of Huxley contains 75 milligrams of L-theanine, perfectly balanced to enhance focus and provide a sustained energy lift.

Is Huxley vegan and gluten-free?

Yes, Huxley is both vegan and gluten-free, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences.

Is Huxley carbonated?

Yes, Huxley is lightly carbonated to give it a refreshing fizz that enhances the drink's flavor and makes it a delightful, energizing experience. The carbonation adds to the crispness and makes Huxley a great alternative to flat energy drinks or sodas.

How does Huxley support sustainability?

Sustainability is at the core of Huxley's mission. We upcycle Cascara Superfruit, reducing food waste and CO2 emissions. We’re committed to removing plastic from our supply chain, and we're a proud member of 1% For The Planet, donating a portion of our sales to environmental conservation efforts.

How should I store and enjoy Huxley?

Huxley is pasteurized, allowing it to be safely stored at room temperature until you're ready to enjoy it. For the best tasting experience, we recommend refrigerating Huxley before drinking. Serve it chilled to unlock the full flavor profile of our natural ingredients and enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste that makes Huxley a perfect pick-me-up at any time of day.

Can I drink Huxley every day?

Yes, Huxley is designed for daily consumption. Its balanced caffeine content and natural ingredients make it a safe and healthy energy boost for your everyday routine.

How long will shipping take?

We ship Huxley using USPS Ground, which typically takes anywhere from 2 to 5 days to arrive, depending on your location in the United States. Orders are processed quickly, usually within 24 hours of being placed, to ensure you get your Huxley as soon as possible.

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