You know the feeling—reaching the summit yet craving something more? That's precisely where we found ourselves, deep in the corporate 9 to 5 grind, dreaming of more. 

In 2023, we decided to turn those dreams into reality. Bootstrapped and caffeinated, we launched Huxley, driven by the bold ambition to reshape the world, one sip at a time. We looked at the energy drink market saturated with artificial, sugar-laden, and overly-caffeinated options and saw the opportunity for radical transformation.

crafting the revolution

Created for those demanding a better energy drink, Huxley offers a taste of the future. Our revolution begins with Cascara Superfruit, the often overlooked husk of the coffee bean which is typically discarded after harvest. 

An Oregon State University study highlighted a staggering fact: approximately 58 billion pounds of Cascara Superfruit rot in landfills each year, generating 14.2 million metric tons of CO2e, equivalent to the emissions from 3 million passenger cars annually. We saw not waste, but potential and seized the opportunity to craft an energy drink that's a force for good for both our bodies and our planet.

Our innovative approach upcycles Cascara Superfruit, tapping its rich source of caffeine, antioxidants and its subtle fruity flavor. Each can includes 90 milligrams of plant-based caffeine, equivalent to one cup of coffee, providing a balanced energy boost without overstimulation

Quality ingredients define us. Our drinks blend real fruit juice with only 5 grams of organic cane sugar for a delicious drink free from artificial ingredients. Since caffeine dehydrates the body, we've added 100 milligrams of electrolytes to boost hydration levels and include 75 milligrams of L-theanine to enhance focus and help reduce the crash.

meet the trailblazers

What happens when a food and beverage entrepreneur and a marketing guru join forces? Well for starters, meetings full of tangents and puppy photos. But besides that, you get Huxley. 

Simon Solis-Cohen is our Founder, food and beverage snob in residence, and audacious dreamer. He enjoys flat Minnesotan adventures like cycling, paddle boarding, and fly fishing.

Bethany Schippel is our Marketing Manager, expert checklist maker, and chief of meeting snacks. She’s cool with flat Minnesota cause well…she rather not fall down a mountain.

join the journey

Join us on this journey with Huxley, a drink powered by nature, crafted for the adventurer in each of us. It's not just an energy drink; it's “A Taste Of Adventure.”