2024 beverage trends: moderation

2024 beverage trends: moderation

As we gaze into the evolving landscape of beverage trends for 2024, one theme resonates strongly across demographics and lifestyles: moderation. This trend, especially pronounced among Millennials and Gen Z, reflects a broader cultural shift towards more mindful consumption. It's not just about what we consume but how and why we do it, signaling a deeper understanding and appreciation for balance in our daily lives.


the low/no alcohol movement: a pioneering change

The rise of the low and no-alcohol movement is a powerful indicator of this trend. This isn't merely a shift in drinking habits; it's a revolution in consumer consciousness. Brands like Athletic Brewing Company have been pioneers in this space, tapping into the desire for social connectivity without the adverse effects of alcohol. Their success, further boosted by Keurig Dr. Pepper's investment is a testament to the growing demand for such products.

The market's response to these offerings showcases not just a preference for healthier options but a changing narrative around social drinking. Driving this trend are Millennials and Gen Z, generations known for their focus on health, wellness, and sustainability. Their preferences extend beyond mere product choices; they represent an ethos of living. This shift in preferences is reshaping markets, with brands increasingly recognizing the need to cater to these evolving demands.


our foray into moderation with energy drinks

What's particularly intriguing is how this moderation trend is spilling over into other beverage categories, including energy drinks. The traditional energy drink market, characterized by high caffeine and sugar content, is poised for a transformative shift. Consumers are increasingly wary of excessive stimulation and are seeking healthier, more balanced alternatives. This is where the concept of moderation finds new ground, opening up opportunities for innovation and redefinition.

Responding to this shift, we are leading the charge in the energy drink sector. Our upcoming launch in March 2024 is not just another product release; it's a statement of our commitment to this ethos of moderation. With a moderate caffeine content, equivalent to a cup of coffee, and a low sugar formulation, our new energy drink is designed to meet the needs of the health-conscious consumer. It's about providing an energy boost that aligns with a balanced lifestyle, not overpowering it.

The decision to moderate caffeine content is grounded in a nuanced understanding of consumer health trends. Excessive caffeine intake has been a growing concern, with many seeking ways to energize themselves without overstimulation. By offering a drink that provides a gentle yet effective boost, we are catering to a segment that appreciates the benefits of caffeine but prefers it in moderation.

leading a cultural shift

As we move into 2024, we stand at the forefront of a cultural shift towards moderation in beverages. We are excited to lead this moderation trend, offering products that resonate with the values of modern consumers. In doing so, we hope to not only cater to current market demands but also to inspire future trends in the industry.

Moderation is more than just a product feature; it's a lifestyle choice. By embracing this trend, we are contributing to a healthier, more sustainable future. We invite you to join us on this journey as we explore the exciting potential of moderation in the beverage industry.