the best coffee pairings for every season

the best coffee pairings for every season

As the seasons change, so do our outdoor adventures and, importantly, our coffee preferences. For those of us who love both nature and a good cup of joe, pairing the right coffee with the season can elevate our outdoor experiences.

spring: light roasts for new beginnings

Spring is a time of renewal, perfect for exploring blossoming landscapes. A light roast coffee, with its higher acidity and nuanced flavors, mirrors this season of fresh starts. Our Aurora Blend is the perfect spring pairing. 

summer: iced coffee for sunny escapades

Summer adventures call for something cold and refreshing. Iced coffee, particularly cold brew, is a fantastic choice for beach trips or mountain biking under the sun. The slow brewing process of cold brew reduces acidity, making it smoother and perfect for those hot, lazy summer days. Add a splash of almond milk or a hint of vanilla to complement your sun-kissed activities. 

autumn: medium roasts for crisp excursions

The crisp air of autumn, colored with falling leaves, pairs wonderfully with a balanced medium roast. These coffees strike a delightful harmony between acidity and body. A classic coffee, with its hints of nuttiness and cocoa, is ideal for sipping beside a campfire or while enjoying a scenic drive through a foliage-rich park. Our signature medium roast Daybreak Blend is the perfect addition to your autumn days.  

winter: dark roasts for cozy retreats

In the cold of winter, a robust dark roast can be deeply comforting. The bold, rich flavors are like a warm blanket on a chilly day. These coffees are perfect for après-ski moments or while bundled up in a cabin, watching snowflakes drift down. Our New Heights Blend is perfect for your next winter adventure. 

Each season offers unique adventures, and the right coffee can make them even more memorable. So, pack your thermos with the season's best and embrace the great outdoors, one sip at a time.