plant powered energy drinks

unlock your natural peak

When you need a spark of energy to conquer your day, you shouldn’t have to settle for sugar-laden, artificial beverages. Huxley Energy offers a refreshingly balanced solution.

Powered by the plant-based caffeine from Cascara Superfruit, it delivers as much energy as one cup of coffee. It’s blended with real fruit juice, a dash of organic cane sugar and vital electrolytes, proving you don’t have to compromise flavor for health. Fuel your adventure with a sustainable drink that empowers you to reach your peak naturally.

  • Spark of Caffeine

    90mg of Caffeine & 75mg of L-Theanine

    Harnessing the natural caffeine from Cascara Superfruit, Huxley provides a balanced and sustained energy boost, perfect for keeping you alert and active without the harsh effects of synthetic stimulants.

  • Refreshing & Restorative

    100mg of Electrolytes

    More than an energy boost, it replenishes and revitalizes with essential electrolytes. Ideal for post-workout recovery or busy days, supporting both physical and mental performance.

  • Natural Ingredients

    ZERO Artificial Ingredients

    Every ingredient in Huxley is natural, ensuring a clean, healthful beverage. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, just pure, wholesome goodness in every sip.

mango mesa

Embark on a tropical journey with the luscious flavor of juicy ripe mango, perfectly balanced for an uplifting energy experience.

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tangerine teton

Experience the crisp, invigorating natural flavor of tangerine in each sip, blending bright citrus zest with a refreshing energy kick.

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strawberry sequoia

Savor the taste of freshly picked summer strawberries straight from the farm stand, blended into a light and revitalizing boost.

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