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with huxley's superfruit energy drink

We're on a mission to disrupt the $62 billion energy drink industry.

When you need a spark of energy to conquer your day, you shouldn’t have to settle for sugar-laden, artificial beverages. Huxley offers a refreshingly balanced solution.

Powered by the plant-based caffeine from Cascara Superfruit, it delivers as much energy as one cup of coffee. It’s blended with real fruit juice, 5 grams of organic cane sugar, vital electrolytes, and L-theanine, proving you don’t have to compromise flavor for health. Fuel your adventure with a sustainable drink that empowers you to reach your peak naturally.

meet our secret ingredient:

cascara superfruit

Translating to "husk" from Spanish, Cascara Superfruit is the outer red shell protecting the coffee bean on the coffee fruit.

It has a light fruity flavor and tastes nothing like coffee. It's packed full of beneficial nutrients making it a Superfruit:

✓ Natural Caffeine

✓ Antioxidants

✓ Polyphenols

Just Launched - superfruit Energy Drink

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the next generation of energy drinks

We've heard from consumers that they want more options in the energy drink aisle. They're looking for reprieve from the sugar-laden, highly-caffeinated, and artificially fueled options.

huxley's solution:

✓ As much caffeine as 1 cup of coffee (90mg)

✓ 5g of organic cane sugar

✓ Real fruit juice for flavor

✓ 100mg Electrolytes to replenish you

✓ 75mg L-Theanine to help reduce the crash and enhance focus

✓ Zero artificial ingredients

✓ 100% transparency

a sustainable energy drink

58 billion pounds of Cascara Superfruit are created as a by-product of coffee farming each year. Only 5% of it is utilized, leaving the rest to be wasted.

Left to rot, this generates 14.2 million metrics tons of CO2 emissions each year which is equivalent to 3 millions passenger cars according to an Oregon State University Study.

We're upcycling Cascara Superfruit, saving it from a landfill and harnessing it's power into a truly sustainable and eco-crafted beverage.



Stay up to date as we disrupt the energy drink market.


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